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Founded in 2013, OptDyn spun out of a multi-million dollar advanced defense contract for a self-adaptive, decentralized multi-Cloud infrastructure.

OptDyn is recognized as a pioneer of P2P Multi-Access Edge Clouds with its Subutai Platform.





OptDyn has been selected amongst STL Partners' Top 100 Edge Computing companies for 2024
The list features 100 companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, agility, and potential in the rapidly growing edge computing market. From global manufacturing operations to retail to V2X communication, the selected companies highlight the increased range of customers leveraging edge computing technology to drive efficiencies and stimulate revenue growth.

"Cloud Computing has a great effect on operations in Industry 4.0 — SUBUTAI is one of three startups that have the solutions to prove it." —StartUs Insights, "4 Top Cloud Computing Startups"

Subutai is feature-complete and in use in more than 120 countries, with a high concentration of corporate and individual users in Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. With Subutai, peer economics enables a 10x reduction in the cost of Cloud resources and disrupts centralized Cloud computing solutions. Subutai PeerOS and Bazaar are used by sovereign nations, NATO Member States, the Australian government, and many others.

Subutai powers Bharat Compute —India's first national Edge Computing grid!



Subutai's endlessly-reprogrammable, flexible Edge Cloud computing solutions are profitable - efficient - secure - eco-friendly - SGX blockchain-ready

A unique quantum leap in platform architectures!

The commercialized edition of the Subutai Platform makes IoT and Edge computing accessible to broadband subscribers, brings optimized Multi-access Edge Cloud (MEC) applications at reduced costs, and provides passive monthly income that rapidly amortizes hardware costs.

Users of the Subutai Peer Edge Cloud platform include NATO States (unstoppable "Digital Iron Dome" government and sovereign clouds), India's first Edge Compute grid, Smart Cities, and the world's largest provider of renewable energy.



  • Subutai PeerOS: easily deploy decentralized Virtual Private Edge Clouds
    Efficiently runs multi-access Edge Cloud applications connected to AIoT devices. Save up to 90% over Big Tech Cloud Computing solutions.

  • Subutai Bazaar: "The Airbnb of Edge compute resources and devices"
    A computing resource exchange with intelligent broker that perpetually tracks availability, quality of service, and prices to automatically migrate applications across Edge resources.

  • Subutai Blockchain Router: a broadband Cloud Router and Edge gateway
    - Residential Edition: plug-and-play "green" cryptocurrency mining device and hardware wallet that provides users a passive monthly income with no technical skills needed.
    Industrial Edition: hardware accelerated Subutai device with military grade, hardware-based IoT security subsystem used in mission-critical IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Finance, Defense, and more.




Subutai Keeps Your Private Data Private
Unlike centralized Big Cloud providers, Subutai helps users protect the privacy of their data, and shields individuals and companies from federal law enforcement’s forced surrender of data by Big Tech  and foreign governments under the CLOUD ACT.

Subutai Protects Blockchains
Decentralized mining breaks the threat of 51% attacks by ASIC manufacturers and mining farms that are monopolizing and controlling many networks’ hashing power. Less than 20 companies today own 90%+ of Bitcoin’s overall hash power!


Subutai Disrupts Centralized Big Clouds
The sharing of idle computing resources by millions on the edge is the key to Subutai’s asymmetric attack vector. By freeing untapped siloes of resources and making them liquid through a blockchain-backed resource exchange, Subutai takes the final quantum leap in the “race to zero”. Consumers save up to 90% over Big Tech Cloud Computing solutions!


Subutai Maximizes Computation Responsibly
Compute responsibly by utilizing the most cost-effective FPGA innovations for mission-critical applications. Provides high performance, endlessly-reprogrammable, and flexible Edge Cloud computing solutions that are secure, efficient, profitable, eco-friendly, and SGX blockchain-ready!


Subutai Protects You
Subutai’s defense-grade hardware based malware detection and intrusion prevention proactively protects individual users from compromise by foreign cyber actors. The FBI and US Department of Homeland Security to have issued alerts for broadband subscribers to reboot their routers in response to the threat of irrevocable infection. Subutai protects high bandwidth telecommunications infrastructure from compromise and can avert potential threats, such as DDoS attacks and billions of dollars in equipment damage.



OptDyn Innovation Labs

helping corporations, governments, VCs, and sovereign funds navigate, innovate, invest, and accelerate emerging deep tech markets and trends

Our reputation and passion for solving very difficult problems led to multiple partnerships to ideate, develop, and deploy exceptional software and hardware products that solve real-world problems and drive market value.


Demand for customized solutions using our pioneering Peer Edge Cloud Platform is accelerating in response to the compounding threat to national cybersecurity worldwide.

Projects in development include devices that strengthen remote work security and connectivity, AI-assisted IT support, next-generation interoperable digital asset exchange and DLT platform, and trade secret asset management systems.


We share our front-line experience with building new businesses, products and teams —from zero to one, to accelerating innovation, scaling solutions, and grooming for exit. Startups and mature organizations alike rely on our deep domain knowledge to accelerate product development. Whether ideating, prototyping, troubleshooting, or in final production, we help companies architect and implement secure, scalable, advanced solutions at all lifecycle stages. We build our own products within our Innovation Labs and help others do so too.


Our extensive roots in the Open Source developer ecosystem enables partners to benefit from our extensive experience, network, and insight into the people, products, and processes best suited to ensure their success.


Patents and trade secrets held in AI, blockchain, security, hardware acceleration, custom semiconductors, and cryptocurrency mining.


OptDyn presents Subutai™: world's first intelligent Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing platform

OptDyn presents Subutai™: world's first intelligent Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing platform
OptDyn presents Subutai™: world's first intelligent Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing platform

OptDyn presents Subutai™: world's first intelligent Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing platform

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OptDyn presents the Subutai™ Bazaar: the global marketplace for computing resources and applications

OptDyn presents the Subutai™ Bazaar: the global marketplace for computing resources and applications

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OptDyn presents the Subutai™ Blockchain Router

OptDyn presents the Subutai™ Blockchain Router

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OptDyn presents “Stewards of Subutai™”, featuring Sally Khudairi

OptDyn presents “Stewards of Subutai™”, featuring Sally Khudairi

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We analyzed 83 Cloud Computing Startups. Crave, OptDyn, Black Turtle, and Cantier develop 4 top solutions to watch out for. 
OptDyn – Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing In the setting of smart and connected factories, the connection and communication between machines and between machines and humans are essential for reaping the full benefits of cloud computing. 

OptDyn With an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks perpetrated by nation states over the past year, OptDyn continues to advise, educate, empower, and assist governments in deploying Subutai Peer Edge Clouds to reduce their reliance on centralized Big Tech Clouds and protecting critical sovereign data from forced search and seizure under 2018’s CLOUD Act...

The National Ark cyberinfrastructure, developed by cloud technology company OptDyn, enables governments to run their operations from small data closets spread around the world, OptDyn co-founder and chief executive Alex Karasulu told DefSec Middle East in an exclusive interview.



We are privileged to have had the opportunity to be involved with the industry's most respected pioneers and influencers such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Linux community, The Apache Software Foundation, and the World Wide Web Consortium. We are passionate visionaries, entrepreneurs, inventors, and advocates. Our products are used by billions, from Fortune 10 enterprises to space exploration and beyond. It's an honor to bring the future of the Cloud and AIoT/Edge computing to the world.


Engineering Talent

OptDyn is based in the United States and is supported by a multi-national team distributed on three continents.



For general inquiries, please contact us at info(at)optdyn(dot)com.
For technical assistance with Subutai, connect with us on Telegram.

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